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Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright

  • Tyler might not have started the year with a win, but her brother did – and our bet is that was a catalyst for the success, and motivation, we’ve seen in our World Champ throughout 2017.
    Corey Wilson
  • In this moment, happy was an understatement. TW, behind the scenes of her brother’s big win at Snapper.
    Corey Wilson
  • An emotional start to the year is an understatement – but no two siblings could have handled it more gracefully.
    Corey Wilson
  • Over to Western Australia we go…
    Corey Wilson
  • In WA the Rip Curl crew stay in the same house together, and it’s like getting one big family back together after a few months away. You can’t get ‘em away from each other – even in the surf.
    Corey Wilson
  • Tyler with her nephew Vali, staying warm and looking fresh.
    Corey Wilson
  • Back to Bells.
    Corey Wilson
  • Tyler, light on her feet on her way out to Winki.
    Ed Sloane
  • If there’s anyone who knows how to paint a line of an empty canvas in Victoria, it’s Tyler Wright. Tyler had one of her best sessions out here this year, and the stoke showed through in her surfing.
    Ed Sloane
  • Here, ladies and gentleman, is what it takes to win in Rio…
  • And this, ladies and gentleman, is what it looks like to win in Rio.
    Smorigo (WSL)
  • We’re not going to tell you what Tyler is doing in this photo, but… there’s a reason she’s hanging off the side of the boat.
    Stu Gibson
  • Making the most on a wide wall at one of her favourite waves on Tour.
    Stu Gibson
  • This year Tyler took the time to go to South Africa and join forces with Wild Ark, learning about and spreading word about the conservation efforts currently underway in SA.
    Kirstin Scholtz
  • She also, as it happened, got the chance to stop in at Jeffrey’s Bay. This was her very first surf at the infamous right-hander.
    Corey Wilson
  • Mick and Tyler, enjoying the wild and embracing South Africa in its most natural state.
    Kirstin Scholtz
  • Floating on the watery skatepark that is Trestles, California.
    Steve Morrisette
  • The future of women’s surfing is a big part of Tyler’s drive.
    Steve Morrisette
  • Tyler hadn’t really fumbled all year up until this point, when she tried to surf with a fresh knee injury – a knee injury that had her World Title contention in question.
  • Until France, that is – when everyone saw what someone with determination like Tyler is truly capable of.
    Ed Sloane
  • Between Portugal and France Tyler spent hours upon hours consulting and working with physios, osteos, chiros, doctors and everyone inbetween – and in this moment, it was about to pay off.
    Ed Sloane
  • Yup, there it is.
    Ed Sloane
  • A release of emotion, of stress, and of being unsure. Tyler Wright, back in the World Title race.
    Poullenot (WSL)
  • ...on to Maui
    Corey Wilson
  • Tyler Wright full steam ahead towards her second World Title.
    Corey Wilson
  • Another heat checked off the list.
    Corey Wilson
  • Hugs from mum straight after the win.
    Corey Wilson

Tyler's Bio

DOB: March 31, 1994
Born: New South Wales, Australia
Resides: Culburra, New South Wales, Australia
Height: 5’7” (170 cm)
Weight: 149 lbs (67.5kgs)
Shaper: Mayhem
Training ground: South Coast, NSW
Favourite wave: P-Pass
Inspirations: Owen
World Titles: 2 (2016, 2017)

WSL Ranking by Year
2017: 1st, 2016: 1st, 2015: 5th, 2014: 2nd, 2013: 2nd, 2012: 4th, 2011: 4th
WSL World Tour Event Victories
2008 Beachley Classic*
2010 O'Neill Women's World Cup*
2013 Colgate Plax Girls Rio Pro
2013 Roxy Women's Pro Gold Coast
2014 Vans US Open of Surfing
2014 Roxy Women's Pro France
2015 Roxy Women's Pro France
2016 Roxy Women's Pro Gold Coast
2016 Maui Women's Pro Maui
2016 Drug Aware Pro Margaret River
2016 Oi Rio Pro
2016 Swatch Women's Pro Trestles
2017 Oi Rio Women's Pro
* As a Wildcard

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