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Win A Copy of Mick Fanning and Corey Wilson’s Beautiful New Photo Book

12 February 2018

  • Image: Corey Wilson
  • Image: Corey Wilson
  • Image: Corey Wilson
  • Image: Corey Wilson
  • Image: Corey Wilson
  • Image: Corey Wilson

For as long as we can remember, Mick Fanning has been flying around the world and back, Searching and surfing his way through some of the most beautiful places on earth. And for the last six years, photographer Corey Wilson has been by his side on these travels.

From the highest highs to the lowest lows, the ends of the earth to his own backyard, Mick and Corey have been through a hell of a lot together. And as of this week, they’ve put those memories into print.

Available to purchase shortly, The Mick Fanning Book is a beautiful, glossy, and very thick coffee table photo book. It’s piece of history, a unique look into Mick’s mind and life.

We caught up with Corey to ask about the project. Where it came from, and where they see it going. (Apart from onto your coffee table.) We also asked him to make a select of his favourite images from the book, which you’re looking at here on this page – not to mention Mick’s handwritten introduction.

Are you ready to pick up your very own copy? It’s on sale today here:

The Mick Fanning Book

Or, if you’re feeling lucky, enter to win! All you have to do is…

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A few word's with Corey Wilson

Corey… where did the original idea for the book spring from?

It all started down in Torquay, Australia. During the Bells contest Mick and I were at breakfast, all jacked up on caffeine and talking about random things. An idea popped into my head about doing a photo book, and I asked Mick if he wanted to do one together. He was pretty interested when it came up. I wanted something that showcases the images we have created together, along with Mick’s personal writing about life, traveling, family, etc... My goal was for him to write about anything that he wanted to, and put it alongside images that mirrored his thoughts.

How long did it take to put together?

I met Mick about six years ago, and over the years we have created so many photos together. Contests, freesurf trips, holidays, etc.. Going through all my hard drives took a while, and the book itself took about a year to make. I wanted to take my time with it, not rush anything, and work on it little bits at a time.

"Flipping through each page and getting flashbacks of all the fun shit that happened within those pages was so rad" - Corey Wilson

What’s been the most enjoyable part of the process, for both you and Mick?

I have two parts that were my favorite…

1. Working together with my brother doing all the layouts and artwork for the book. He is an incredibly talented designer and anything he creates turns out amazing. I don't get to work with him often, so it was a treat.

2. My second favourite part was when Mick and I got the first printed copy in Hawaii a few months ago. I was so excited when the package came in the mail. There was so much work that went into making the book, and we finally got to see the finished product. Flipping through each page and getting flashbacks of all the fun shit that happened within those pages was so rad. I didn't really show Mick any previews of it, and he hadn’t even seen some of the images. After we looked through it he was so happy with how everything turned out.

What was the most difficult part of the process?

Finding time to work on the book was hard. My brother did all the design for it, and he is so busy with his other projects. I needed to be at the computer with him for this book to work. Whatever time I had with him, I made the most of it – sometimes I flew across the world, back home to LA, just to work on it with him.

Another difficult and time-consuming part was going back and forth with the printers. There were always small little details that needed to be fixed, and that delayed the production of the book.

What is the goal of the book? What are you trying to communicate, and why?

I have always dreamed about making a photo book. It was a goal of mine since I started photography, and to create it with one of my best friends is even better. I wanted to create something timeless; be able to look back when I am older and relive all of these amazing memories. These past few years have been some of the best times of my life. I want to share them with whoever wants to see.

What was the best memory you put into print in the book?

Every page in this book means a lot to me. I’ve seen Mick going through hell and back throughout the years I have known him. Shark attack, losing loved ones, brothers passing, etc., and he’s one of the most emotionally strong humans I know. He’s also such a great person to be around.

Mick goes out of his way to make sure his friends and family are ok. He makes time for everyone. There are so many life-changing things that he does for people, that nobody knows about – and I don't think he wants people to know. It has been an absolute pleasure making this book with such a great human.

What about the worst memories?

Hawaii 2015, during the Pipeline Masters. It was the final day of the contest at the Rip Curl house. At about 5am I saw someone running through my bedroom with a flashlight. I had no clue what was going on – I thought it was someone breaking into the house. I walked upstairs to see what was happening and came across Mick sitting at the kitchen table with a few people. He was in tears and said his brother passed away a few hours ago. It was such a tragedy for Mick and his family. So sad. I couldn't imagine what it would feel like to lose a brother.

Mick had a heat with Slater and JJF a few hours from that point. He ended up surfing, because that’s what his brother would have wanted. There was a moment in that heat where he came out of a barrel and looked into the sky with his hands up. I was in the water when this happened and photographed it. The image has such a sad memory behind it, and personally I don't like the photo because of the tears that go along with it. But Mick fans have loved the image, and constantly tell me they get inspiration from it.

If you could pick one more place for you and Mick to travel to together, where would it be and why?

One place I really want to go with Mick is Teahupo’o, Tahiti, on a big swell. He surfs that wave so well, and I have some new ideas about how I want to shoot it. That place is a photographers dream.

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