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What to Pack for Hawaii with Owen Wright

28 November 2019

Professional surfer Owen Wright takes us through his suitcase as he heads over to the North Shore of Oahu. What do you pack for Hawaii? Let Owen show you.

Heading on a trip to Hawaii, and not sure what to pack? We get it! The Hawaiian Islands can be tricky, between the sunshine, the tropical rain and all of those different activities, it can be hard to whittle down what you need in your suitcase.

To help we’ve asked professional surfer Owen Wright to take us through what he packs for Hawaii, as he prepares to head to the North Shore of Oahu for the final event of the WSL Championship Tour at Pipeline.

Owen’s essentials to pack for Hawaii...

1. Boardshorts

Whether you’re lounging on the sand in Waikiki or paddling out to the lineup on the North Shore, you need a good pair of boardshorts.

Made in collaboration with Owen Wright, the Mirage Owen Swirl boardshorts are technically advanced and uniquely designed, drawing on inspiration from Owen's personal taste in colour and style. These 19" boardshorts feature a scalloped body and a back pocket for items like your keys or wax.

2. A UV Tee

There is nothing worse than getting sunburnt in paradise after a long day at the beach or in the water. In Hawaii you should always have a UV tee on hand to cover up and protect yourself from those UV rays. After all, a bit of sun shouldn’t keep you from all the fun!

The Search Logo Long Sleeve UV Tee has been designed in a t-shirt style for easy wear in the surf and sun. Stay safe from UV rays during the longest sessions with a 50+ UPF rating. A great t-shirt for surfing.

3. A Spring Wetsuit

If you’re a surfer and you’re headed to Hawaii, you will know that most waves around the island break on reef, not sand. This means that, on the bigger days, you might want a bit of rubber protecting your chest and back. Not to mention a spring suit will keep you comfortable in the lineup when it gets a bit chillier with those rainy tropical afternoons.

The Aggrolite spring suit range provides the ultimate in stretch and performance while maintaining durability. Featuring E-Stitched seams, mesh leg seals and an internal key stash pocket.

4. A Spray Jacket

As we’ve mentioned, Hawaii is a tropical paradise… but with the tropics comes the moisture. And sometimes, Hawaii can in fact be quite drizzly. When the rain starts pouring you’re going to want a spray jacket to keep you dry and keep you Searching.

The Spray Anti-Series Jacket is a great men's spray jacket, made of a polyester ripstop and finished with a DWR coating. Detailed with a mesh lining, an ergonomic moulded zip pull and more. Stay dry, stay warm!

5. A Beach Towel

Frankly, this should be at the top of the list. A good beach towel is an absolute imperative in Hawaii, and it will make your trip just that little bit more comfortable.

Made with a luxurious cotton velour and designed in a light, bright aloha-inspired reversible print, the Velzy Towel is here to bring the island vibes.

6. An Aloha Shirt

Let’s be honest. While you’re in Hawaii, you’ll be spending a lot of time at the beach… and a lot of time at the bar, or for those underage, the restaurant. You’ll be out on the town. And in order to dress appropriately, you’re going to need a great aloha shirt. Owen’s favourite? The Maui Short Sleeve Shirt.

7. A Tide Watch

When you’re on holiday, you don’t want to waste any time waiting around. You want to seize every moment and enjoy… whether it’s relaxing in the sun, exploring the island or chasing waves. Having a good tide watch on your wrist will help you stay on track with any plans you might have, and will also ensure you’re paddling out when the waves are best.

Connected to Surfline, the SearchGPS 2 watch now gets real time surf conditions straight to your wrist. Not only that, but the SearchGPS 2 actually links up with Surfline cameras and captures your waves, letting you re-watch and share vision of your surf after your session.


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