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The Surfer’s Guide to Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa – Featuring Rosy Hodge

6 July 2018

The South African WSL commentator talks us through her favourite parts of Jeffrey’s Bay… from the waves to the hidden pathways and beyond.

Rosy Hodge knows her way around Jeffrey’s Bay better than just about anybody – from it’s long right-hand walls all the way through to the best restaurant in town. She’s got the place wired.

This year, as the World Surf League returns to her local country to enjoy the best of South African surfing, she takes some time out of her schedule to give us a personal tour. Tune in, tune out and start planning your next holiday… to South Africa, perhaps… as she guides you through the different sections of Jeffrey’s Bay, the sneaky little pathways and the stunning countryside surrounds.

Did you book those flights? Then you better get packing! To help you get started we’ve asked each of our surfers what they pack in their bag each year for Jeffrey’s Bay… the items they just can’t live without.

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