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Mick Fanning’s Unfinished Business

10 May 2018

  • There are a million waves in the world with a cliff backdrop like you see here… but there’s only one that Mick Fanning was chasing on #TheSearch. Photo: Corey Wilson
  • A perfect wave and a stunning place… #TheSearch doesn’t get much better. Photo: Corey Wilson
  • Mick Fanning’s new signature. Let’s see how many places he can get a photo like this! Photo: Corey Wilson
  • A long wall of opportunity, and the perfect man to capitalise. Photo: Corey Wilson
  • Drawing lines. Photo: Corey Wilson
  • Diving into #TheSearch and not looking back. Photo: Corey Wilson
  • The new sticker doing what it does best… Searching. Photo: Corey Wilson
  • Halfway through the trip and the salt is just beginning to dry… Photo: Corey Wilson
  • A balancing act that every surfer understands… 3x World Champions no exception. Photo: Corey Wilson
  • A wide open barrel, a completely empty mind. That moment we all chase. Photo: Corey Wilson
  • It might be cliché to say that it’s about the journey, not the destination – but clichés are clichés for a reason. Photo: Corey Wilson
  • Photo: Corey Wilson
  • No matter where he is or what wave he’s on, Mick Fanning’s style will be as classic as ever. Photo: Corey Wilson

When Mick Fanning walked up the beach after his final heat at the Rip Curl Pro Bells, the world didn't know what to expect – it was the end of one of the greatest professional careers in surfing history, and everyone with their eyes on Bells Beach knew that.

But what they might not have known was that moment he took off that rash vest, Mick Fanning was embarking on an entirely new adventure. It was the end of an era and the start of The Search.

Within days of ringing the runner-up Bell, MF was on a plane to a foreign land without a plan, an itinerary or any expectations – simply a whisper of a wave, and the hope of finding it.

Like most journeys this particular trip left him wanting more – a bigger swell, a better weather pattern, more time, less rain... the list goes on. But that's not a bad thing – because when you leave a place with unfinished business, you know you'll return. And that's the beauty of The Search. It never ends.

In fact, Mick Fanning's is just beginning.

Video: Nick Pollett Studio. Photos: Corey Wilson.

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