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Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Surfers: Him and Her

10 February 2020

That stressful time of year is here once again – let us make it easier for you.

February 14th is a controversial day – some love it, some hate it, some dread it, some wait with baited breath for the day to arrive. But no matter what category you fall into, if you've got that special someone in your life – you're probably on the hunt for the perfect gift. Not too big, not too small – but just right.

To help you out, we’ve put together a few great gift ideas for both him and her... Rip Curl style.

For Him...

mens's surf watches

1. Timepiece

We think that a watch is a no-brainer when it comes to classic, timeless gifts for him. If your man is a surfer, we’d recommend going with a Surf Watch. And if not, we have a great range of quality style watches... that are still waterproof!

Hot Tip: If you go the GPS watch, download the app to his phone, so he can start sharing his surfs with his friends straight away! Nothing better than bragging rights...

Mens Leather Wallet

2. Quality Leather Wallet

A great go-to gift for him is a quality wallet. With our range of genuine leather wallets, RFID wallets, waterproof wallets and more, you’ll be sure to find just the right one for HIM. Our personal favourite is the Handcrafted All Day Leather Wallet... below.

Hot Tip: Sneak a little note in there, or even a movie ticket for that new flick he’s been wanting to see!

Mens Travel Luggage

3. Travel Luggage

Planning a holiday together anytime soon? Or is he taking off on a boat trip with the boys? A great Valentines Day gift is a getaway bag – a F-Light Cabin Cordura Travel Bag. Take it on your weeklong overseas holiday, or a quick weekend jaunt down the coast. It’s the perfect lightweight luggage, with the price tag to boot!

Hot tip: Fill it with a new pair of boardshorts, a surprise plane ticket!

For Her...

women's surf watches

1. Timepiece

Like we mentioned above, there’s simply nothing better for a Valentines Day gift than a high quality watch. It’s personal, and it’ll be a constant reminder of just how awesome you are! If she’s a surfer, snag her a surf watch! And if not, we’ve got a great range timeless style watches that she’s sure to love.

Hot Tip: If you snag her a Surf Watch, pre-set the tide location to her favourite wave!


2. A Wetsuit

There is nothing better than giving the gift of an experience. If your gal isn't a surfer, rent her a longboard, take her down to the beach and surprise her with a new wetsuit and a surf lesson! If she is a surfer, then take her down the coast to her favourite spot and make a day of it, with a brand new spring suit.

womens gift certificate

3. Gift Certificate

It’s tough to buy a bikini for your girl! But rather than giving it a go, and potentially not getting it right... just snag her a gift card! Let her know what it’s for, and that you can’t wait to see what she gets – so next year, you’ll know what she loves.

Hot tip: Write a note on a piece of paper and stick it to the back, promising her a weekend camping down the coast –for her to try out the great new bikini she buys!


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