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A Sure-Fire Way to Score Better Surf

3 March 2017

Simple, yet so important.

As surfers, our lives are ruled by nature. Is it raining? Windy? Onshore? Offshore? Stormy? Calm? Understanding and being aware of all these elements defines our ability to score surf.

But perhaps the most important factor of all, one that is so often overlooked, or remembered at the last second, is the moon.

The moon has the power to turn a great surf into a shit surf, or a shit surf into a great surf, almost instantly. And if we’re smart surfers, then we know…

Live by the tide, surf by the tide.

It’s a simple part of life and surfing, but it’s so, so important.

That’s why we created the Rifles Tide, for men, and the Maui Tide, for women. One of the most advanced tide watch ranges on the market, these watches offer 500 pre-programmed tide locations, the ability to input your own “Spot X”, the ability to forecast tides, and has been waterproof tested to 100 metres.

It's display can relay tides to you by either a graph or more detailed, numerical information – so no matter where you are, no matter how much you know about tides (or don’t know about tides), you’ve got all the information you need.

Armed with this tool, you have the ability to know when and where to paddle out and get the best waves possible.

And, what’s better than that?


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