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One-of-a-Kind Denim Jackets Sold For Charity over the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach

24 April 2018

Fresh threads, funky badges and a fabulously retro take on your new favourite denim… all in the name of charity.

Over Easter at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, you might have noticed a few of your favourite surfers getting around with some fresh new denim jackets, personalised to a tee. Tyler Wright with her name badged on the back, Rosy Hodge with some Hells Angels sparkle and Matt Wilkinson with a seriously cool take on Hells Bells.

These jackets were custom made by our in-house designers just for our team riders, along with a one-off collection of hand-designed jackets. The art was based around the history of Bells Beach, and 100 per cent of proceeds were given to a chosen charity.

Rosy, Nikki and Tyler all chose a charity for the proceeds from their jackets to go to, and the other jacket proceeds were given to a charity chosen by the designers themselves.

The chosen charities were… Surfer’s Healing, The King’s Children Home, Disabled Surfer’s Association, Take 3 For The Sea, Sustainable Surf Organisation, Sea Shepherd and Surf Aid.

Want your own Rip Curl badges?

By popular demand we have decided to fly in a batch of our most retro designs in denim badge form. All you have to do to get your own custom jacket is purchase your denim Surf Craft Jacket (or any denim, mens or womens) and you’ll get a unique selection of Rip Curl badges with it. Iron ‘em on, stitch ‘em on… be your own clothing designer!

It’s the perfect addition to any denim jacket, and it’s only available while badge stock lasts.


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