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Men's Wallets

Protect yourself - With RFID Protech built in all Rip Curl men's leather wallets, you can enjoy peace of mind that all your personal details are secure from card scanners. With hydro leather options, your essentials will benefit from extra protection against all the elements, when you're on the search. Available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes, shop the Rip Curl range of men's RFID leather wallets now.

  • Hydro Leather

    Protect yourself from the elements, day and night with Hydro Leather. Premium full grain, water resistant, all weather leather that provides extra protection when you're on The Search.

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  • Italian Leather

    Made in Italy, this high quality valuable leather is genuine vegetable tanned using natural products. The leather is then coloured by hand using traditional techniques to enhance its natural characteristics and offer a point of difference from other chemically treated leather wallets.

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  • K-Roo Leather

    Light and soft premium K-Roo kangaroo leather has extraordinary strength and durability. Sourced under strict federal control and CSIRO tested, its tight fibre structure makes it 2 to 3 times stronger than ordinary leathers. K-Roo leather wallets get better with age.

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  • RFID Protech

    Built in protection from card scanners trying to steal your identity or credit card information.

    Identity theives can carry a small RFID reader in their pockets and by simply standing next to you, their reader can download your credit card and personal information. All our Leather wallets feature RFID Protech to keep your personal details secure.

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RFID PROTECH Technology is used in all Rip Curl Leather wallets. Protect yourself.

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