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Men's Shorts

  • Mirage Mick Fanning React Ultimate Boardshort

    Mick Fanning's signature boardshort, the Mirage MF React Ultimate, is the best in men's boardshorts. Detailed with Rip Curl's unique Surf Grip technology, designed using the incredibly flexible and durable Elasto-Stretch 5.

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  • Mirage Owen Switch Boardshort

    Owen Wright's signature boardshort, the Mirage Owen Switch, is made with a super flexible and durable Elasto-Stretch Tri Blend, is 18" in length and comes with a logo'd side panel and contrast yoke.

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  • Mirage Conner Surge Boardshort

    Conner Coffin's signature boardshort, the Mirage Conner Surge, is a whole new level of men's boardshorts. 19" in length, designed using the revolutionary Elasto-Stretch 5, detailed with a feature side panel and a zip pocket.

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  • Mirage Medina Edge Boardshort

    Gabriel Medina's signature boardshort, the Mirage Medina Edge is designed with a 20" leg and is made using the revolutionary Elasto-Stretch 5 material. Detailed with a side zip pocket and a heat transfer.

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  • Mirage Wilko Blockade Boardshort

    Matt Wilkinson's signature boardshort, the Mirage Wilko Blockade is made with a super flexible and durable Elasto-Stretch Tri Blend, has an 18" leg and is the best in men's boardshorts. Complete with back zip pocket.

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  • Mirage Mason Rockies Boardshort

    Mason Ho's signature boardshort, the Mirage Mason Rockies is a longer boardshort at 20" and is made with Elasto-Stretch 3, for ultimate comfort and flexibility. Designed with cut and sew panels, complete with a zip pocket.

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  • Mirage Fusion Surf Grip Boardshort

    Introducing Rip Curl’s innovative Surf Grip waistband. The 360 degree internal waistband pattern fuses the board short to the body for ultimate comfort and performance.

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  • Boardwalks

    Rip Curl's boardwalks are made for land and water. Comfortable, durable and adaptable to all conditions. Wear them on the street or in the surf.

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