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  • Del Sol Swimwear Collection

    The Del Sol range this summer features a myriad of bikini styles, from your classic fixed triangle to a unique wrap halter, to a high neck and beyond. Inside the collection you'll also find loose, breezy dresses, over-bikini wear, shorts, tank-tops, t-shirts and more.

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  • Mirage Ultimate Swimwear Collection

    The Mirage Ultimate is unlike anything we've done before. We took our knowledge of surfing and technical fabrics and wove what we found into timeless, simplistic swimsuit fashion. The result? Performance and style at the highest peak available.

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  • 100% Surf Swimwear Collection

    Inspired by the core of our DNA, 100% surf takes us back to our roots and reminds us where we came from. Heritage designs, contemporary cuts and the hottest look in summer's swim.

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  • Mia Flores Swimwear Collection

    It's Sunday morning and you're on the southern tip of Portugal, chasing waves and taking in the vibrant culture around you. It's summer, and in Portugal that not only means warm waves and crowded streets, but it also means flowers - everywhere you look, blooms of flowers.

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  • Lost Coast Swimwear Collection

    Summer is about the simple things in life - riding a wave or sipping a coconut. And that's what the Lost Coast collection is all about. It's why Alana Blanchard keeps it in her closet all season long. Transport yourself to an island in the sun.

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  • Island Love Swimwear Collection

    Much like the Lost Coast collection, Island Love came into existence because of our love for warm water and tropical winds. But this collection spices it up - it brings the day into the night, the afternoon nap into the evening bonfire.

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  • Sun Gypsy Swimwear Collection

    Inspired by the vibrant textiles of Ibiza, the Sun Gypsy swimwear collection is hand-crafted with whipstitch detail, giving off a truly authentic Mediterranean vibe.

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