5th July - 17th August 2014

Rip Curl Cup 2014

Padang Padang - It's on... When it's on!


Now in its 11th year, the Rip Curl Cup Invitational at Padang Padang is Indonesia’s longest-running surfing competition and the only ISC tour event featuring top international surfers alongside Indonesia’s best.



Watch all the action LIVE at or on your smartphone with the Rip Curl Live Events App - The Rip Curl Cup will be webcast live to the world!



In a departure from the previous year’s format, this year’s Rip Curl Cup will see 24 rather than 32 competitors: 12 international icons and 12 of Indonesia’s finest barrel masters in man-on man heats. “Having just two surfers in the water in each heat allows them to really make the most out of the chance to be out at Padang-Padang in a virtually empty lineup…an absolute dream come true,” says Rip Curl’s SE Asia Marketing Manager James Hendy



The waiting period for the 11th annual Rip Curl Cup Padang-Padang, long known as the Ultimate Tuberiding Contest and Bali’s longest running professional surfing contest, will begin on July 5th and end on August 17th, giving Huey a full six weeks to deliver the exacting conditions that will see the 24 of the finest international and local tubemasters competing in the spitting green barrels of the Balinese Pipeline.  6 WEEKS of waiting period to ensure catching an epic swell for the "one-day, one-swell" event. The contest will be run entirely on one epic day, when contest directors see an ideal "Padang swell" in the forecast, they will give the green light and the 24 competitors will have 24 hours to make it to Bali's Bukit Peninsula.



About the cup.



The trophy was designed by local Balinese artists at MOD Jewelry, makers of past Associa- tion of Surfing Professionals championship rings and awards. It was entirely hand-carved from teak wood and inlayed with silver.


The bowl is carved into the shape of a flower and is mounted above wood made to look like a craggy chunk of Padang reef. Each year the Cup is filled with Bintang and the winner must wash it all down on the victory podium.



In the tradition of all great sporting prizes, the winner’s name is permanently inscribed on the trophy. Each winner receives his own version of the trophy, but the original Cup remains at Rip Curl headquarters in Bali for all to behold.


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