1st August - 31st August 2015

Rip Curl Cup 2015

Padang Padang - It's on... When it's on!


The beast is back!

Honouring a dozen years of draining barrels at Padang Padang

Last year we marked 11 years of the world’s greatest tube riding contest in the most fitting of fashions. Not only was the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang graced with the finest swell of the season but hometown hero Garut Widiarta went toe-to-toe with his cousin Raditya “Cabul” Rondi in a sizzling shootout to take the trophy in an incredible final, the first ever man-on-man end game.

In 2015 we’ve upped the ante once again. The Rip Curl Cup field has been streamlined and for the first time ever all heats will be man-on-man, ensuring that only the purest of surfing is showcased at Bali’s most famed wave. This dedication to two-man battle has seen the field and waiting periods reduced, guaranteeing that when it’s on, the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang will well and truly be on.    

See it all LIVE at live.ripcurl.com

From August 1st to 31st the eyes of the surfing world will be focussed on Bali’s famous Bukit Peninsula to see if the elite list of invited barrel riders can add their names to an honour roll that includes everyone from Pipe Master Jamie O’Brien to two-time local victors Lee Wilson and Made “Bol” Adi Putra. Widiarta’s win last year, on the back of Bukit local’s Mega Semahdi’s success the year previous, has only added to the prestige that the Indonesian surfers attach to the event Garut calls, “the best of the best!”

In 2015 the field will consist of 16 surfers; made up of eight internationals and eight locals. The eight international surfers will come from Rip Curl riders Tom Curren, Bruno Santos, Mason Ho, Tim Bisso, Pat Curren and Jacob Wilcox, and their ranks will be bolstered by powerhouse invitees Jamie O’Brien, Damien Hobgood, Jay Davies, Ry Craike and Chris Ward.


Garut Widiarta getting pitted at Padang at The Rip Curl Cup 2014.

The home team stars Garut Widiarta, Mega Semadhi, Lee Wilson, Rizal Tanjung, Made “Bol” Adi Putra and Raditya Rondi. This list will be boosted with the addition of the Rip Curl wildcard, and the winner of the Rip Curl Cup trials. With this year’s reduced field the battle for that elusive trials spot will be intensified further, with many suggesting a win in the trials is as hard to come by as a win in the main event!

The reduced numbers and straight man-on-man elimination format means that the Rip Curl Cup can be run in one day, further increasing the likelihood of firing conditions for all heats.

As always the Rip Curl Cup will be webcast live to the world via live.ripcurl.com and on your smartphone with the Rip Curl Live Events App.


The Webcast

The 2015 Rip Curl Cup will once again be webcast LIVE to the world, meaning you can watch the best barrel-riding show of the year from anywhere on the planet. Well, wifi dependent...

Watch all the action at live.ripcurl.com on your desktop or smartphone with the Rip Curl mobile responsive website. The webcast will include a Heat Analyzer, so if you miss the day’s action you can go to the event website and replay the highlights you want, as much as you’d like.

This year sees the introduction of our new Dawn Patrol show, a twice weekly catch- up with competitors, showcasing the best freesurf action from the archipelago, in and around the waiting period.


Be sure to check the event website for weekly video updates on all the hottest surfing, parties and happenings in Bali during the waiting period.

About the cup



The Rip Curl Cup was designed by local Balinese artists at MOD Jewellery, makers of many past World Surf League championship rings and awards. It is hand carved from teak, and inlayed with silver.

The bowl is in the shape of a flower, mounted on wood made to look like a craggy chunk of the Padang reef.

In the tradition of all great sporting prizes, the winner’s name is inscribed on the trophy. Each winner receives his own version of the trophy, but the original Cup remains at Rip Curl headquarters in Bali for all to behold.

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