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Worn by

Mick Fanning

Mirage Sonar


In 2004, Mick underwent major surgery to repair a torn hamstring. A steel grappling hook had to be drilled into the bone to hold it in place. Ouch.

In 2009 Mick won his second world title in the very last event of the season, pulling off one of the greatest surfing comebacks of all time.

Mick’s middle name is Eugene. Poor bloke.

Mick’s favourite surf spots in Australia include Snapper on the Gold Coast, Bells Beach in Victoria and Gnarloo in Western Australia

Mick’s nickname is ‘White Lightning’. He’s also known as one of the ‘Coolangatta Kids’ on the pro tour.

Owen’s a giant surfer. No, literally. He’s 6’ 3”. Still not as tall as Dean Brady though.

Owen grew up on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, where he was spoilt with perfect reef barrels and meaty beach breaks.

Surf, sleep, eat and surf - The four things Owen does every day.

Worn by

Owen Wright

Mirage Owen Covert


Gabriel Medina is the youngest surf ever to win an ASP surfing event (age 15) - the 6 star WQS in Praia Mole, Santa Catariana/Brazil in 2009.

Gabriel Medina is the youngest Brazilian ever to qualify to the ASP WT (age 17)

Gabriel Medina's favorite meal is rice, beans, meat and salad.

Gabriel Medina is always online on his Facebook Fan page, so go there and send him a message! He will answer you!

His magic surfboard is Puka's Jhonny Cablianca 5'11'' swallow tail.

Gabriel's favorite home break is Maresias - a sick tubular beach break in north shore of São Paulo state coast.

Worn By

Gabriel Medina

Mirage Funk


Matt lists Homer Simpson as a hero.

Matt’s nickname is Wilko. Pretty straightforward, really.

Matt Wilkinson also shares his name with a star chef and a Hollywood actor.

Matt’s a goofy foot that likes goofing around - he was once featured in a Rip Curl podcast getting ‘distracted’ over 30 times.

Worn by

Matt Wilkinson

Mirage Flex Freeline


At 6’5” and weighing in at over 200 pounds, Dean’s one of the biggest surfers around.

Dean’s got a Size 14 foot. That’s like permanently having flippers on.

Dean’s greatest fear is being eaten by a shark. Fair enough.

Number one on Dean’s Bucket List is Heli Boarding.

Outside of surf films, Dean’s favourite movie is Shawshank Redemption.

Worn by

Dean Brady

Mirage Flex Nebula


Dillon dabbled in a spot of stunt surfing for the teen drama series 90210. What a hunk!

His Mum's a respected Hollywood Hairdresser. That explains his movie-star locks.

When it comes to Dillon's real passions, video gaming's up there with surfing. He's an X-Box demon!

Dillon loves hanging out in airport, the busier the better, and people watching. He's not an odd boy at all.

Worn by

Dillon Perillo

Mirage Ultra


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